Croatian language for foreigners


Šibenik’s private high school is a specialized institution for learning Croatian as a foreign language. The Croatian language course for foreigners is intended for all those who want to learn or improve the Croatian language. The curriculum, which follows the default standards of the Council of Europe/CEFR standards, covers all aspects of the Croatian language, from communication, through grammar exercises, reading, writing, listening and speaking exercises. Classes are held in Croatian, with minimal intervention in English at the beginning levels. The teaching of the Croatian language is interactive, the topics and situations covered are from everyday private and/or business environments.


The Šibenik private high school is an authorized institution for organizing and conducting tests of knowledge of the Croatian language and the Latin alphabet. Examinations to verify knowledge of the Croatian language as a second and foreign language are intended for candidates who need a certificate of knowledge of the Croatian language as a condition for obtaining a permanent residence permit, to acquire citizenship and other purposes regulated by the Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Croatia.

The test units that make up the knowledge check are:

  • understanding of the listened text
  • understanding of the read text
  • knowledge of grammatical structures
  • written expression
  • oral expression

The candidate must achieve a minimum of 60% correct answers in each exam unit in order to pass the exam. After passing the exam, the candidate receives a certificate that serves the purpose of exercising the right of permanent residence in the Republic of Croatia.